Neurohacking meeting tonight?

Hi there, I was wondering if there was going to be a neurohacking meeting this evening. Thanks so much. Cheers, -Morgan

hi Morgan! The regular Wednesday night neurohackery is still on break (“I’m on break!”) probably for a few more months until a bit more of the proverbial dust settles - keeping focus on buildout and especially (cough cough) better ventilation throughout the space before entertaining too much in the way of in-person events right now …

That said - I’m looking forward to return to it soon and would be happy to catch up via jitsi chat / email / etc anytime convenient for you.

Anyone else interested in applying EEG and other BCI type stuff to … um … do interesting things (like, with art & robots & blinkenlights)? Let’s talk.

Thanks for the update. Happy to catch up with you whenever you have time. Cheers M

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