Need someone to visit Apparel City in San Bruno

We are missing the right side needle screw for the Juki MO-2416N overlock machine, and we’re also short on needles for the same machine. Can someone buy replacement screws and a few packs of needles for this machine? I just called and they have them in stock. Please save the receipt - I will happily pay you back.

If it’s possible to get it by the Monday sewing project night that would be fantastic, but after that is fine too.


They’re closed at this point today and Sunday. Is there another shop you know about that would have these items in stock in time for Monday night sewing?

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No, I don’t know of any place near the city that would have a random screw for an industrial machine in stock except Apparel City. I might Bart down with baby Lee Monday afternoon if we feel up for it to grab the things.

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