Need Help Setting up Videoconferencing software Jitsi for Noisebridge

I’d love help setting up a Jitsi Meet instance at
See a live example at


  • No registration needed
  • (Hopefully) faster speeds on our server
  • We can share it with our community for free! People need simple streaming.

Excellent Features

How can you help?

  • Join our Unicorn server team and follow up in this thread, or connect in the #unicorn slack channel

Testing video integration, which should launch

@The-X and @fnord might be able to offer their guidance on setting this up!

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Hey, I setup a jitsi instance over the weekend.

The process is fairly straightforward for a ‘basic install’
And adding accessories like recording, live-streaming, and etherpad are also pretty easy.

I documented the infra steps for installation + configuration

It’s not 100% automated, but very close (and if you have an AWS account already setup, getting an instance up and running takes ~30 minutes).

Let me know if anyone wants help setting this up for themselves, or for noisebridge.


Would love to have you onboard @jnaulty. As part of setting this up, I’m working on CodiMD, which is a drop-in replacement for the etherpad component in Jitsi. Details at: