NB Weekly Meeting Tonight 12 May 2020

Where will we be hosting the weekly meeting tonight? I’ve had success with jitsi over the past week, but there were bandwidth concerns shared during the last weekly meeting leading to hosting on Zoom.

FYI Slack is down https://status.slack.com/2020-05/147dad376c8946ff - hence trying to coordinate here.

Rocket.chat is back up on Unicorn in case text communication is needed. https://chat.noisebridge.info/channel/general

Whoa, remote NB meetings over Zoom!
Dude, COVID-19 is kinda awesome for cripples right now (in some ways!) :open_mouth:

Can we keep these accessibility options around after the pandemic is over?

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probably will be zoom again expect someone will post a link soon https://zoom.us/j/972291454 was the link used for several previous meetings

also can check https://pad.riseup.net/p/nbmeeting

btw seems like slack is back up now, for now