NB Render Farm Proposal

Hey everyone! Had a rad idea to promote the Blender class @ NB while also utilizing of all the tech that is being unused at NB and offering a service as part of NB.

I have updated the class Wiki with all the details.

I’d like some support from the hardware community at NB. This would be a fun build. Here is a really nice tutorial on the build as well: DIY Renderfarm Building Tutorial for Distributed Blender Rendering - YouTube

Let’s get on chat here, on Discord #Art or Slack #Animation-Design.


So I was about down to donate most of the computers sitting outside the Audiochurch, feel free to use all of those.
Fair warning: most of those machines either don’t boot or boot a 15 yo OS. I would suggest reimaging all the hard drives. Not a blocker for the hardware savvy, just letting you know in advance

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please don’t just chuck the computers without give people a chance to go through them… I think we should have some usable workstations available like we had at the old space, also I think it would be good to have some workstations at the electronics stations… but I’m totally fine prioritizing the render farm over the workstations (or hell dual boot them so that they can be both workstations and render farm when they aren’t in use). I’m mostly just saying lets not throw them all away just yet ( I had no idea that they weren’t wanted )

I edited to say “donate” .

Yeah, we could also build workstations! As long as they aren’t lying around draped in a bedsheet.

It sounds like the first task no matter what would be reimaging all the hard drives in the space, which could be an item for PostBridge!

I’d like to see us have at least one, maybe two, simple as possible stations set up for people to check email and use a browser, nothing super complicated. Seems like it is often a need for the community. Basically a couple of “cybercafe stations”. We can definitely use a couple of the older computers in the pile for that. Maybe one upstairs and one downstairs or even one in each upstairs room (good for looking things up, small workshops, etc)