Music Area Buildout

Hey y’all ( and @music ), since I’m familiar with all the music gear and setup at Noisebridge (and maintained the music area at NB’s last location) I’m going to start organizing and building out the music area in the new space. If anyone has any requests or specific desires for the space, let me know. My plan is to set it up in the room where the gear currently is, in the back of the top floor, and also set up a visual art space in that room, so it will be a combined music and art room. Of course, this isn’t set in stone, just what I have in mind and a few other Noisebridgers I talked to at the space like the idea, so I’m going to go with it. Anyway, hope y’all are well and hope to see you at the space sometime soon!

So up for debate is the heavy table in the area, which I put in there short term but not sure if belongs long term.
Some initial thoughts:

  • I set up a Windows PC in the back with Ableton, so it doesn’t take 3 days to boot it up ;). It just needs the sound I/O to be configured correctly (wasn’t sure what was going on with it)
  • There will need to be some thoughts about wiring, considering there are like 4 outlet plugs in there tops and there needs to be keyboards, amps, etc. set up and plugged in.
  • I know there was talk of soundproofing, which would take a lot of effort but would be cool.

Do you think you could come this Saturday or next Thursday? Great that you stopped by, hope to see you there in the coming weeks!

Thanks for this! I’ll take a look at the I/O issues for that computer, and the wiring, etc. We never really had that much of a power demand, so it shouldn’t be a problem hopefully (unless we have a bunch of new stuff). As for soundproofing, that’d be great, happy to have help with that. For now I just want to organize it and get it usable. I’ll be there today for a bit, and either this Sat or next Thur as well.

Also, we moved some of the chairs (the ones in the main area) over to the music room

(for those who aren’t on the Discord, where I posted this update): The music area at NB is now in a usable state, there’s a computer with Ableton and some other programs, and a few amps and instruments plugged in and usable. I’ll be setting up another workstation with the weighted keyboard as well.


Thanks for the update! Also see it mentioned on the Github repo :hugs:

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We really should invest in some good, basic equipment. A super tough, USB-compatible Mixer would make a world of difference for us. It just isn’t possible for people to easily play and capture their music without a good mixer, not to mention streaming classes and events… :smile:

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So nothing too crazy here, but I got a small Scarlett mixer for the space (someone gave me when they moved out). Maybe we can start with that?

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