Just a quick warning that a thief walked up into noisebridge (both doors were propped open), and walked out with Tyler’s laptop, MY laptop (it has a distinctive “snow white” graphic on the lid, and possibly other items.

This brings the total amount of equipment I’ve PERSONALLY had stolen from Noisebrige to $6,900.00.

Privacy enthusiasts can complain all they want - but if we’d had an adequate camera system installed like EVERY OTHER MAKER SPACE IN SAN FRANCISCO - we’d have photos of the person responsible, both to show the police and add to the 86 list.

But now they can come back AGAIN on Sunday and do it again!

Noisebridge needs to start taking security seriously.

  1. Sucks that you had stuff stolen! There are steps we can take to mitigate these risks; see below.

  2. If there weren’t classes when the doors were propped open, the doors should not have been propped open, and keeping them closed as they normally are would have stopped the theft.

  3. “Other people do X, therefore we should do X” is a non-sequitur.

  4. I am a privacy enthusiast but am not completely against certain kinds of surveillance. However, the RFID tagging system recently proposed by @marco would probably solve the problem. If someone is stealing an item then maybe we could have that trigger the turning on of a camera? Then we wouldn’t need it to be running 24/7 just to catch a rare event.

Oh man this really sucks sorry Tyler and yourself had your items stolen :frowning:

We’ve had a something similar happen to us at the London Hackspace, a randomer walked in, grabbed a macbook and walked out. Found him on CCTV and got the police involved, who eventually apprehended him (our live feed are accessible to any member, ZoneMinder is only accessible top trustees). I have to say even as a trustee I felt that the hackspace was no longer safe for a while after that, how you are seen to address this is just as important as what countermeasures you put in place. What privacy issues are there? I though Noisebridge was all about transparency or has that changed?

The transparency issue is part of the reason we dont yet have cameras as we feel that a limited access camera system would not be transparent to the community unless we made it very visible.

During events we could also add a sign in log (anyone who isn’t a general noisebridger would probably think that is normal, and would sign in).

Also I think maybe putting a better camera downstairs could help identify people better for letting people in in the afternoon and night. And maybe a second camera pointing straight down, that could help identify large items entering or leaving the space, and put a 12 hour record system for that camera, since it is pointing straight down, it would not identify people all that well, but any large items would be easily visible (computers, scooters, sewing items, monitors etc.)

Also I think we need better event protocols as when stuff is getting moved around the space they should notify others before moving someone’s stuff, or try to find that person.

Damn, sorry to hear that. A HackerDojo branded mug was stolen from the Dojo, they caught the thief on camera and shared it with members on Slack, as a result the mug was returned shortly after. Point is, cameras also help members police the space.

Personally, I don’t see an issue with cameras. Noisebridge is a great resource for the community, if cameras are needed to keep things safe then so be it. Just my 2c

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Police have no place at Noisebridge. They don’t want to help you and likely will laugh at a stolen property report for a couple of high ticket electronics.

Perhaps during events open to the public a bouncer style role could be designated. Someone from the community to stick around and make sure things are safe. Discuss.


I’ve noticed an anti-pattern with the doorstop i don’t think i handled very well. The doorstop was sitting right by the door and people were constantly propping it open to make airflow better, then going to work on whatever. I put it back behind the display case so people wouldn’t use it so liberally but don’t think I explained well to the people using it that if they want the door propped open for an event they should really do their best to have someone hanging out at the door to meet people. A good example of an event that does this well is Godwaffle noise pancakes.

Hope we can police ourselves better without SFPD or a surveillance system and I’ll try to expound on antipatterns i’m witnessing better.


Just wanted to point out some wonderful irony last night:

As everyone was discussing NoiseBridge security, there was a woman here stealing stuff right in the middle of the meeting.

Thanks to Reily and Dave for pointing her out and helping usher her out the door. She ended up just grabbed a couple handfuls of office supplies and went out the door.

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Also with people leaving stuff behind, Steve left his laptop charger on the table next to me when he left, as there were no open quicklockers by the elevator, I put it in my locker for now. If anyone sees him today please let him know.

If it is eventually decided to add some cameras, I have a Zosi eight-camera system that was going to get used for a motion capture project that fell through. I’m okay to donate that to NB.

@Joseph I’d like to take you up on that offer. What specs are the system - Zosi makes everything from $99 systems to pro-level gear.

What resolution are the cameras?
Is it a PoE system?



ZOSI 8CH 1080P Security Cameras System,8pcs 1080P Indoor Outdoor 1920TVL Weatherproof Surveillance Cameras, 8-Channel 1080P HD-TVI CCTV DVR System with 1TB Hard Drive

This is the link on Amazon:

Is there any chance you can pick it up? I don’t own a car and I’m moving Monday, so it would be nice to get it down there before I have to haul it to a new place.

EDIT: Ohwait! I forgot I’ve got a lunch event tomorrow. Maybe I can bring it by after all.

Where do you live?


I’m in Lower Pac on Gough by Pacific. But no matter! I just brought it in. Left it by the AV box in Church.

What’s the plan for maintaining this surveillance system? Also what’s the purpose.

I am guessing it will probably be used to improve the door camera abilities, as any in space security cameras would probably get taken down and a recording system would probably need quite high level small c or even big c consensus.

I’d imagine it would end up in the entryway, but I’ll defer to the masses for that decision.

Oh! And if it doesn’t get used or there’s too much fuss, lemme know and I’m happy to take it back. I’ll find a use for it.

It has already been set up as the new front door camera.

Currently there is no connection of it to any computer or to the network so it should be ok, unless it has wifi built in.

Does whoever set it up know where the manual is so me and others can look it over.