Move to 668 Guerrero St?

There is usually also a possible 45 day wait when getting plans from DBI records. They are supposed to contact the person that prepared the drawings before they provide them to you.

Although, considering that the owner just had a permit in to develop the property, it is surprising that they don’t have CAD as-builts already since their Architect probably had them order them for the project; most Architecture offices make the client get them so that the Architect isn’t liable for errors in them. The owner would be able to give the as-builts to whomever since they wouldn’t be the intellectual property of the Architect. (Although we should still be doing our best to make sure things will work and note if their are problems with the as-builts when we become aware of them)

anyway… it’s nice to draw as-builts.


I am for this move!


Can I come for a tour if you arrange another one?

Yes of course! We are trying to organize another tour right now that will be longer (~3/4 hours) to give us time to make some drawing and plans. I’ll let everyone know what dates are available.

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A ground-level concrete floor + large garage door would be an absolute game-changer for the space.

  1. It would allow us to have proper full-size machine tools and woodworking tools equivalent to TechShop.

  2. It would also make it practical to build large art projects and vehicles for Burning Man.

  3. The upstairs would be ideal for lighter equipment like textile and electronics fabrication

The most important question is, is it zoned properly?


Yes. Milling machines that are leveled and bolted down! Also we have some excellent people working on the CNC right now.

It will be NC2 vs NC3 that we have right now. Still an ongoing discussion regarding the zoning, but at least it doesn’t come with the ~$92thd fine we have quasi hanging over our heads right now.

Alice (noisebridger and tax attorney from Perkins Coie LLP) has agreed to be NoiseBridge’s pro bono attorney, and is bringing in a real estate attorney to help with the process (also free of charge).


I spoke with a couple people and it seems like we may still have issues with mailman. mailman reports my emails sent (you can see them in the archives), but they have not received them.

Can a couple people please confirm if they received the emails i sent to noisebridge-discuss and noisebridge-announce?

This is related to notifying everyone about this item.

bump, has anyone who knows they are on noisebridge-discuss or noisebridge-annouce received these mails? This will probably lead to a week deferment if we cannot give all the members sufficient notice.

I have not got any email. Is there a sender name or email address I should search for?

If you have signed up for the email lists, it would be and/or

These are the old school style of email lists with an unsubscribe link at the bottom.

Thanks for checking!

Thanks for sending the announcement. :slight_smile:

Well, I am only signed up to this discuss. I don’t have any emails from either of those 2 senders. I did get an announcement for the recent post you made regarding the dance show.

That email came though discuss announcements with the from email:

Hope that helps.

Yup I got that announcement as well via email. But Discuss is the only NoiseBridge form I have signed up for. Not sure if that’s where the email list is populated from.

What about a ‘All channels’ slack message as well?

Better hit IRC too!

Email list has widest reach. There are a number of Members who aren’t on slack.

which is not to say don’t do those things, just that my main concern is the lists

Looking at the video, I see they elevated the toilet. I’d guess that’s so they didn’t need to tear up the concrete to install it. A new bathroom will require taking up concrete. Ouch! That’s much more involved. You may want to check if the landlord is OK with this? (although, it was noted in the LOI so maybe it’s understood? :thinking:)

+1 to moving to this space though!

Yup. Definitely need to cut down into the concrete to install an ADA toilet. We would need a permit and a general contractor for that one, but the owner would be fine with it. I’d estimated around $10k for bathroom rebuild.


Another tour of Guerrero St. coming this Wednesday (6/12/19)!


We had a meeting yesterday, notes are here:

  • Consensus discussion about moving to Guerrero, consensus affirmed week 1 for confirmation next week on desirability pending zone/permit questions and lease matching expectations.

Thank you for taking such excellent notes, @lxpk! I was able to follow along remotely and even contribute a bit to the discussion even after the livestream went down.

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Happy to help. Tour yesterday was great. Master Builder had a look and proposed some ways to make things work.