Move to 668 Guerrero St?

Due to the current lease ending soon. We have been searching for a new space.

@themanmaran and others have documented 668 Guerrero. A large space within our budget, and with an option to buy the space down the road. Here is the youtube video:

We also have a contract which we can move forward with:
Guerrero LOI - V4.pdf (140.5 KB)

The space is 2 floors with a large garage door on the first floor. It is also larger than our current space.

Please discuss and voice your opinion if we should move forward with the space to reach a consensus. If you don’t want to type, just use a thumbs up for yes and a thumbs down for no.


Link to proposed consensus item:


YES, let’s do it. the larger space will cost more but I believe the option to purchase and the opportunity to have more accessible classes will more than cover it. BUT, if our current space owner can give us a year at a reasonable price that might be ok…BUT AGAIN, in most things If you are not growing you are dying, and I think the move could help boost our numbers, give us more motivation to do more shit, and grow our mission to providing more knowledge to more of the community.


My understanding is that the rent would not go towards buying the building, and if we were to buy, we would probably have to come up with $500K for a down payment and get the rest from Wells Fargo. Then be paying a mortgage, which would be ideal for the long term.

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Love 668 Guerrero st, I love that cavernous first room which really feels like the spirit of noisebridge will be in there, I also love all the nooks and crannies and the other rooms. I can really imagine us there, and I love sunlight.

I know that this lease is temporary - a few years only, and then we gotta leave OR buy. I hope that having a clear target for a purchase, and a deadline will give our fundraising team an achievable and solid goal to work towards.

'm optimistic that moving to a new place will also give us a feeling of Springtime. We’ll have a blank canvas that we can imprint with our identity, and a beautiful chance to re-imagine what our space should be like.
Most of current Noisebridge have been built by folks who are no longer here, and the experience of building that made essentially a generation of dedicated community members. I am hopeful that with a new space, we can redo that, and reform a new generation of Noisebridge, of people who have a lot of ownership and responsibility over the space they built together.

So Yes, I’m very excited to move.


I think we should do it!

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If all the events and classes are downstairs, then the place would be more ADA accessible! ^_^

The toilet seems large enough to be ADA accessible.

If it’s ADA-compliant / ADA accessible then I’m all for it!! :smiley:


The bathroom is plenty big enough to build out as an ADA accessible bathroom. Ground level makes everything way more ADA friendly! Plus no surprise elevator bills.


Maybe we can put a platform or chair lift on the stairs as well. I think they cost something like 5k. We could also keep a wheelchair ready available on the second floor.

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Oh yeah - we can definitely install a chairavator. But that’s probably a down the line item. There’s potential to add a front facing staircase as well (into the big warehouse area). I personally think that is where a chairavator should go.


Love it. Ground floor and location are major pluses.

This space looks fantastic. Thanks everyone for putting the work in with vetting and negotiating terms. What’s the range of the move-or-buy deadline?

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Oh, would people here also be able to comment on what it would take for it to be worth it to stay at 2169 Mission? We can make that offer to our landlord

We’d need to figure out how much getting us squared away with the planning department ($100k order of magnitude?) and likely elevator repairs (probably at least $10k) will be before we can really calculate the actual cost of staying at 2169 mission. Including those costs, to have comparable costs to 668 Guerrero over the next year, we would have to offer less than $1k / month (assuming $10k/month for 668 Guerrero).

In favor of 2169 mission, maybe we could kick the can down the road on some of the planning stuff? If we have the wrong zoning for 668 Guerrero, that would also make 2169 mission more attractive in comparison.


Will the 2169 landlord guarantee rent at a predictable increase through 2022? Will they put in option to buy?

For worth staying – I have merely been watching from afar…you and others have been living it. So everyone else knows best. The main thing I see though is that not too long ago, the landlord was going to not renew Noisebridge. It took a ton of effort to get an extension. Yes they are happy now but they can change their minds. Plus there is no option on the table to buy 2169 and there may never be one.

This new place does have the uncertainty of being demolished, but the letter of intent pushes that to a few years at earliest. The terms have predictable rent increase, plus a fixed price to buy.

It’s a choice between another year worried about what the landlord might or might not do vs. clarity on what Noisebridge needs to thrive. So if the rent can work, and if the space can work, that is worth a lot.


I bet we could get a longer lease on 2169. We need to make an offer. The question is what the offer is, taking into account permitting and elevator

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Raised to a Consensus Item:


Yes, I love this space, has my vote!

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@themanmaran would the relator be willing to let us into the property for a few hours one weekend to let us measure it and prepare some drawings of it to review with the Planning department?

I’d estimate 3-4 hours of access. Perhaps I could just lock up when I leave as well if they were to just stop by in the morning.


I am sure that he would! Plus it would be an opportunity for more people to check out the space. He was willing to come down to the city with me to help request building plans, but I think that opening the door for us would be just as easy. I’ll shoot him an email and include you.
Turns out you need a notarized signature from the owner to get plans from the city. The owner is willing, but it is a bit of a headache to get someone to a notary. Joys of bureaucracy.

There is usually also a possible 45 day wait when getting plans from DBI records. They are supposed to contact the person that prepared the drawings before they provide them to you.