Move some BTC into BlockFI?

It’s some crypto asset manager that pays interest on crypto balances.

We’ve got 3.2 BTC left. This place pays 6% on BTC holdings > 2.5 coins.

Or we could also transfer 1-2 coins to USDC for that 8.6% rate.

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I think maybe sending 2 coins over there at first makes sense.

My hesitation with USDC is if Bitcoin goes to $100k, and I would say there is a fair chance of that happening.

I guess we could also buy some USD from the cash we have from selling the coins? That could earn 8%.

Since we have more than $100 k in cash, that would be $8600 / year or close to one month of rent!

If you’re up for it, I could help you bridge it to Ethereum and earn a much better interest rate with stronger security guarantees through DeFi. That’s what I’m doing full-time lately.