More lockers

I am personally in need of a locker for my project, but it seems that locker space at Noisebridge is highly coveted… last time I was at the space someone mentioned that they built their own locker out of wood and I thought that was an awesome idea, so I’ll be attempting the same. However I think I might try to build a set of multiple smaller lockers, that way more people will have the opportunity to have lockers. I’m going to try to get the bulk of the work done Sunday (today) we will see how this goes, if anyone wants to help let me know :slight_smile:

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Hopefully lockers will be done on Sunday… I’m heading to the hardware store again tomorrow (Saturday) early morning let me know if anyone wants to come with, just getting small stuff like glue hinges and sanding belts

I should mention that I’m only making a door for myself, if you want a locker you will need to make your own door

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Lockers done: