Monthly Capp Maintenance & Cleaning (Feb. 2021)

Things have been on a pause for a couple of months now and just getting back to the point to pickup some on going maintenance and setup of the space. We are still working towards getting back to some form of open, which is likely some number of months out.

I’d like to start coordinating an end of month routine to make sure we are covering the basis of having an opportunity to keep others involved and build on what knowledgeable volunteers we have and can recruit.

I’ve already got a commitment from @reilytech, [redacted] and @fnord for this Saturday which puts us at our current Consensus cap of 3 households at any one time.

Core tasks aside from generally sorting, would be sweeping, mopping, sanitizing, along with assembling and setting up more shelving.

Are others interested in a staggered schedule, or available for something on Sunday as well?

I’m also looking for responsible “Space Coordinators” that will take on implementing best practices and guidelines for COVID compliance when multiple people are coming and going on any given day.

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Sweeet ! I’ll have to sign up for the next Saturday then.