Monkey Brains Outage

272 Capp Street internet, aka: is currently inaccessible from outside of the building. It appears to have gone dark just before 4pm. I saw a very similar outage a week or so ago that resolved after a few hours. This is showing up on their outage map as affecting 10 customers in our area.

If you have an imminent need for jitsi give a try. We had been maintaining a backup instance ( but that had gone underwater last month in that data center that caught fire.

I rolled by a sonic crew pulling fiber through the sidewalk a few blocks down the street today. They didn’t seem to think they had any fiber near our building, and mentioned there might be some AT&T dark fiber nearby.

Looks like we are still in the dark, I’ll be on-site this afternoon to see if there’s any trouble-shooting that can be done. I’m also looking for ideas and help on getting some redundancy, whether it’s a backup ISP or some mobile hot spots lets hack this thing.

Opened a ticket with Monkey Brains to see if we can get any further insight in to how persistent this issue may or may not be.

Have also reached out to SFWEM

Normality restored internet spontaneously functional.

Jitsi as well, testing options for recording in /hackitorium lobby mode enabled