Monday Move'n 9/14

ThanX to all who came out Sunday! I’m planning to be back for a bit by noon tomorrow, and imagine @Roboto might be around to coordinate a circuit moving monday later in the day.

anyone interested in meeting up for lunch and haul lemme know.

suggest firing up a Tuesday thread if there are any takers, and imagine tuesday meeting will focus on what is left.

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Based on what I saw leaving 2169 today around 6pm, we’re basically at the point where it’s mostly Dejunkening, a few tables that can be deconstructed and walked around the block, and then the Big Stuff that requires the elevator.

Dejunkening can happen anytime (no truck required). Just drag any one of the gigantic boxes full of Total Crap ™ to the Ramp, fill ramp-sized boxes, toss 'em down the ramp, then haul those boxes to the dumpster at 272.

Today was a total success! So grateful to be doing this with y’all.

And just a reminder, the air quality is Really Bad. It is like smoking a cigarette while you’re moving heavy shit. YES YES I KNOW SOME OF YOU HAVE DONE THAT. That doesn’t mean you should, or that it’s good, or that you can “handle it”.

This means please take care to drink extra water today, and get extra rest in a place where the air is filtered if you can. I love you all and want you all to make The Jump through hyperspace in one piece.


Excellent, thanks for the recap and safety tips.

Packing up now to head over +1, so if anyone’s extra anxious to get out, will be there by XXam 628.5O2-97,three,three if anyone wants to give a ring to coordinate access.

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Thank you @gwen and @fnord for the help today, a bunch of loose junk was scooped and window to window transferred to Capp St. and everyone’s combined efforts to help us get to this point.

Keep scrolling for a view of what’s left…

I also replaced the Argon tank for the MIG welder with a full one.

Took care of the dishes at Capp, beware of the super janky dryer that needs to be cleared without falling over, @Roboto there’s still rice in the cooker that needs to get cleaned.

Here’s the Hackitorium A/V box for futue reassembly reference.

And all the cables and bits, these are parked together at Capp now. Still have two more boxes to pull apart (Turing & Church) although there’s less bits in those.

Current state of the Mission side, and big’Ole things left to move…

Starting with some good news, fox lounge and front of hackitorium is pretty much cleared out, sans an abanded hydro box and the light up noise table, also need to retrieve a bunch of Ethernet and miscellaneous ceiling bits.

Remaining lockers, NGALAC, Larger Printer, Vinyl Cutter, partitions and 2 big glass panes left to move.

Maslow CNC

Big shop vac/filter collector and wood joiner

iZac’s Bar

Vending Machine anyone no where the key is, the shelves possible slight out to make it significantly lighter

Laser Cutter, and some tables

Flammables Box

Table Saw and tables

“Rack” and PnP

Kiln, vent hood and welding tables

Concrete Kitchen Sink

Lathes & Mills

Horizontal Band Saw and Work Benches

Not pictured, more shelves and any of the build out that we want to recycle, specifically doors and electrical conduit, wiring and fixtures.

I’m closing this thread, and leaving space to start a new one(s) to tackle what’s left.

Catch some of you tomorrow at the space(s) or weekly meeting.