MMXX Friday June 26 Space Capacity Forecast

Number of people: 3 (+/- 1)
Requested time: 8 AM to N00N
Contacts: @the, @themanmaran, @fnord

Non-emergency 24 hour voicebox 415.9OO-4629

Signal/SMS: 626.fivezerotwo.ninety7thirty-three

In case of smoke or need of immediate evacuation:
[415] 558-3200
San Francisco Fire Department Mainline

-temporary un-sealing [Experimental "Sealing" of 2169]
-recovery of recycling bins
-posting of signage
[Experimental "Sealing" of 2169]
-contunied packing/moving
-locker empty\project retrieval

if you know anything about these projects or looking to retrieve any of these things please respond with details. Stuff at Noisebridge

Cleaning/packing is going smoothly, facilitated 2 locker access requests.

Space will be shutting back down and sealed up.

@themanmaran is considering idear of access again Monday or Tuesday

Some additional science based information has been added to for reference on suitable periods of closure between activity.

Bins accounted for

Lockers/projects accessed

Thinks packed and moved

Signage upgraded

Space sealed

+more cleaning, printers maintained, mail retrieval