Mini i5 tower donations

Hey folks,
I got some nice working i5 towers and laptops that need a home. Catch is, I nees someone that can collect them by 7pm tonight. Mayyybe I can squeeE them into my garage for later pickup.
Any interest? Anyone around NB?
The posts I see here are mostly about purging, so I wanna respect what the space needs / doesnt need atm. Let me know!

How many? An i5 would definitely be likely to be better than some of the stuff we’ve been throwing out, we could make good use of those, but to be frank we need to remove more stuff from the space before we bring in more, if they are going to be trashed, I can hold onto about 5 or so for a couple months while we clear out stuff

They are in the space now, dropped off around 6:30pm :slight_smile:

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