Mini-Finance update - (7/30/19)

Hey all,

I’m in the UK for the next two weeks, so not gonna make the Tuesday meetings, but here’s a mini update for today! (Preliminary - not full month of July)

Cash in the bank: $159,311.32

  • Big reason that this is down, is a recent $11k payment out for Roguelike games conference. This is a fiscal sponsorship arrangement whereby we manage payment collections for the organization and collect a 5% fee on the total money that we process (collect $12k, pass on $11.5k keep $500). The conference was a while ago (last October) and NB hadn’t gotten around to tallying up the amount and sending out the funds.

Crypto: $12,144.05

  • Bitcoin: 1.2006246 = $11,626.90
  • Ether (and stable) = $517.15

Donations Last 30 days: $9,731

  • Paypal: $3,927
  • Stripe: $2,380
  • Benevity: $508
  • Patreon: $1,523
  • Cash: $1,393

Also if anyone could give a general status update on donate.noisebridge that would be helpful. I have been monitoring the commit logs, but not sure where progress is right now.


Thank you, @themanmaran!

Relatedly, are some of the PayPal donations somehow labeled with “noisetor” somehow? I heard that they should be. I need to tally those numbers up so it’s clear whether Noisetor has funds or not (and if so then I should spin up a new exit node server using our existing, known keys).

(Feel free to put off replying till you’re back from the UK.)

Some are! But it’s going to be a hard tallying. Since only paypal donations have a tag associated with them. And not all donations are earmarked.

I’ve seen several recurring Tor Project donations. But it is definitely far less that the server expenditures from last year. (Like a few hundred vs $19k server fees).

But that’s all incomplete data. I’d be happy to sit down some time and try to solve that one. But it seems like it will be impossible to determine who all is donating only to cover NoiseTor if not everything is marked.

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I will check my notes but, IIRC, Patrick said that all money going into Noisetor is doing so through PayPal, so that should make it much easier to track.

I can ask our old server hosting provider (where I’m now the Noisetor contact person) how much we spend on servers. Which period should I ask about?

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We can either look at 2018, or the last 12 months of Noisetor service we had.

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If possible it would be nice to also know costs over the last 30 days. Though my understanding is that we are able to save a little each month at least.