Mid-May Driveway Area Buildout

So many of you have been asking: I’m vaxed and ready to hack, where are the Noisebridgers at? The answer: preparing our new space to reopen as the beautiful butterfly that Noisebridge is!

We have already had a few productive buildout sessions. We’ve also had some ideas for the space, which we love. So I’d like to propose two events:

  1. Let’s come up with a design for the NB porch! (Among other parts of NB)
  2. For those of us who are vaccinated, let’s come up with a date in mid-to-late May to come together and build on it.

We’ll be giving a virtual tour soon (courtesy @pyconaut ?), so we could use that to plan out the space more.

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Here is a basic outline of the driveway footprint to scale for reference.

heads up @the X, that image is a broken link,

Weird, thanks for heads up, it’s coming in for me. There was a bit of a glitch getting the wiki to render some of the SVG’s. In any case they are all posted at 272 - Noisebridge

PNG: https://www.noisebridge.net/images/thumb/9/9e/Front.png/775px-Front.png

SVG: File:Front.svg - Noisebridge

@jermops did I see some kinda virtual bridge you are hack’n on?