Microwaves for fundraiser

It works simply. We host an auction night where everyone brings things they want to stick in a microwave and then auction off the rights to stuff things in said microwave. Then we watch together from a distance. If said microwave survives or there’s another left we do another round of auctions until we run out of microwaves.

If you want to donate your microwaves or skills to such an event please reply and discuss here!



SF explosives permit is $345.


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There are at least a few microwaves in the $10 range on Craigslist.

More in the $20.

If anyone sees a working microwave for free or on the curb please bring it in and put it on the project shelves labeled “For Microwhat event” with that day’s date on it.

Working microwaves only (unless you plan on getting said broken microwave to work).

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I think this is a compelling idea.

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