Meeting with Catie Arbona of CA Assembly Member Chiu's office

We got two meetings with CA state-level electeds landed at the last minute for this trip. (Megan, our assistant back in Seattle, is a superpower.) The first was with Catie Arbona in Chiu’s office today. The next is tomorrow morning with Senator Wiener tomorrow at 10am.

We heard today that Chiu would consider a budget request of $500k-$1m for a budget process that begins June 15. It is a competitive process, so no guarantees, but it did seem like this was up Chiu’s alley. Chiu’s aide Catie is a geek and gamer and lives around the corner from Noisebridge. I think she’s an ally. Nicole did great.

We will discuss this at our meeting with CA Senator Wiener tomorrow at 10am Catie says they may consider a joint ask or separate budget items. My gut tells me they will want to do a joint ask.

Things that seemed to really stoke Catie: the job skills building for low income people that Noisebridge provides, the demographics, Noisebridge’s openness and inclusion.

We will follow up and create a one-pager.

*Nicole, please send Catie a handwritten thank-you note ASAP at her office.


Nice work @gaardn!!!



This is how it will play out. Chiu and Wiener are BFFs and do that stuff all the time along with Ting. So, if Chiu is on board, Wiener will almost certainly follow suit.