Meeting Tonight! Update your cards!

Hi, fam.

Its Tuesday! That means its time for the weekly Fundraising Guild ruckus.

We’ll be meeting tonight, 7pm, Turing, as usual. A hangouts link will be shared via DM for remote participants.

Make sure you show up on time, or at least give us a heads up! Its super important that we’re respectful of everyone’s time by starting and stopping when everyone expects!

Also, please update your cards! We use the Review for next sprint column to build our weekly agenda. If you need to talk about something, please move your card into that column. Ideally we should be doing that stuff during the week so we can come into these meetings prepared. Alas.

If you’ve finished working on something, move it to the DONE column. We’ll touch on it briefly and make sure there’s no follow up needed, but everyone still needs to know that a thing was done.