Meeting to help organize Noisebridge

Let’s take a few minutes together to better organize Noisebridge as whole: classes, cleaning, fundraising, all of it! Join us for thirty minutes on Tuesday at 7:00pm in the main space. Representatives of Guilds strongly encouraged!

How can you help?

  • Help set a cleaning time at Noisebridge each week
  • Help write up marketing material we can send out to promote Noisebridge!
  • Find someone to host a class or event at Noisebridge! We’ll help you make it happen.
  • Find cool things about Noisebridge to share on our social media!
  • Just show up, and bring your enthusiasm.

This event is today at 7pm for a simple 30 minutes! Just show up if you are interested in helping better organize Noisebridge.

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Were notes taken or any other sort of recording made?

The meeting aspect just became touching base with Tyler on fundraising goals for Noisebridge as no one else showed up. Mohammed and I discussed selling simple kits in the vending machine to raise funds for the space, which could be designed on the laser and 3D Printer, then packaged up. We would love to have more people turn out and work together… if you are interested, great!


What happened at this thing?