Meeting Notes from MetaGuild

Meta Guild Meeting Notes from 3/25/2020. Click here

We should create badges and try earn some from each other. Will figure out a next meeting for Friday or Sunday, depending on availability or @marco to join in . Feel free to add points or goals I’ve missed below.l

Example: “Gamestreamer” Badge could be learning how to livestream on Gamebridge accounts

Question: should we be doing badges without much of a system in place yet? I’d like to get at least a minimal system set-up to keep track of what badges exist and who has them.\

Naomi made a great suggestion in the meeting about guilds having ‘Theories’ to exist and define themselves by. I might like to call these ‘Charters’. We could debate the merits of the potential names, its not incredibly important to me. But basically a living document outlining each guild’s rules, more or less, seems like a good idea to me. I think MetaGuild’s Charter would be the glue that holds it all together. That in mind, I have created a proto-MetaGuild Charter and I will post it in another new thread with some thoughts. It tries to include some of the ideas from the meeting we discussed.