Meeting notes for 2021-08-03

The one where TJ became a Member, Dave became a Philanthropist, and a date for some very spooky board elections was chosen.

The full meeting notes are here Meeting Notes 2021 08 03 - Noisebridge.


  • RFID on the front door now works
  • Fuscia needs to be stolen, because google doesn’t deserve an operating system that cool. Talk to Danny if interested.
  • We need people to maintain the wiki! If you are interested, LIzzard will make time to show you how!
  • If you or someone you know is an independent video game developer, and want to exhibit your game, contact

Items Discussed:

  • Membership for TJ
  • Philanthropy for Dave
  • Danny nominated to run board elections on Oct 31st
  • Junk management
  • Space for classrooms
  • Do we want a job board?
  • Solarpunk, the evils of Nestle
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