Meeting notes for 2019-04-23



NOTE-TAKER(S): Ahmad Ado


  • Tyler: Web Dev, wood, metal, and general projects
  • Dave: Caligraphy from a couple years a go, now woodshop for instrument making
  • Tom: Been coming since 2013, part of refresh
  • Matt: Education Events
  • Anna Marie: First time here, runs events for starfish, and works for
  • Ahmad: Here for electronics
  • Alex: This space is awesome, used to come here back in the day, just coming back recently
  • Freddie: Italiano, came a few months ago, and now hopefully for good. Data analysis and science, python
  • Hanz: Data for legal documents
  • Robert: Works on Python and C++, Him, He
  • Louis: Biohacking, been here for almost a week now.
  • Ed: Ed. First time here, drop by here looking for a makerspace. Looking to get into woodworking
  • Jack: Works on all sorts of stuff
  • Riley: Enthusiast, works on Riley?


  • Matt: ON Saturday: Bitcoin programming study group. Need help with mailing list stuff. Probably should talk to Bernice

  • Tyler: Fundraising Gala on Saturday April 27. We are going to get rich people (happy) so that we can raise $4mil to keep noisebridge at home.

  • Robert: No donation is minimum. So attendees can be rich, poor, or anywhere in between. We need help setting up the gala, and cleaning up afterwards


Tyler: Working on putting together financing so that we can meet with Consultants on Hire to get some grant proposals sent out to capture the $100K type funds available. Looking to get some related to organizations that teach classes, and so on.


  • Everybody:

  • Philantrophists: People who commit to making a monthly contribution based on what you can afford, and get 24hr badge. And comes with responsibility for stewardship and closing the space. Become a philantropist by showing interest and being excelent to other over time.

  • Members: Contribute more, and take on higher responsibilities and participate on big decision Consensus items, topics, issues. Members are members of the nonprofit. Become a member taking tremendous responsibility.


  • Riley:
  • Alex: Talk about the process of securing a new place more in detal
  • Frank: Regulators vs internet archive. First part of April, developments from Internet Referal Agency sent to Internet Archive over 500 Internet Adrress Takedown Orders. E.g Project Gutenburg is part of the Downlist, and a compendium of Gratefull Dead Stuff|Riley: Are there groups that are going to back up data? This topic might affect Noisebridge if people take responsibility in response to the potential damage.
  • Real Estate: | Tyler: On Discuss page, Tyler’s posted every location he’s found and toured some of them. It is recommended that any suggestions or leads be posted on this discuss page. We are going to talk on requirements of the space. Alex recommends coming with a list of general requirements of the place to benchmark the leads. This space for refernece is about 5,200 Sq.ft. The landlord doesn’t want us exactly here, so we have to get a new place. We have $180K in the bank for operations, we bring in 8~10K a month. We spend about the same amount to roughly breakeven. So we need to get rent to below $10,000 to be sustainable on cashflows. Our goal is to raise about 10K this Gala.
  • Frank: The landlord has been getting a bunch of complaints for violation of building code regulations.
  • Tyler: We may be in Limbo on some building code violations that the landlord would have to pay. We would be dealing with things like that based on what we do.
  • Alex: It seems to that we should have a backup plan. No matter the state even if it is a reduced less glam space. We should have somehwere where we can regroup and reorganize so that we have community continuity. Let’s find out what is the space we need at a minimum. So we need for example a shop for use of powertools, fast internet, Ada compliance, bathrooms, laser cutter room and so on. So let’s have a list of minimum requirements as a back up plan. let’s poll the community to get the information on what’s minimum.


  • City: San Francisco
  • Space Area: ~ 4,000 sq.ft
  • Rooms for: wood shop, metal shop, classroom, …?
  • “ADA-lite” compatibility: Consult with people who need ADA infrastructure to conveniently use the space. Note: it’s not a legal obligation.
  • Maximum Rent: $8,000
  • Transit: Proximity to BART Recommended. MUNI Mimimum
  • Ventilation: If space is basement, HVAC may be necessary will be necessary so we dont kill eachother in case someone lazers something inappropriate.


  • Fundraising group(meets regularly):
  • Real Estate Group: Tyler
  • Assess what needs to be done with the new space to get it up to spec
  • Budgetary Group: Freddie
  • During the Reboot we had an Indiegogo page: Noisebridge Reboot 2014 | Indiegogo
  • Grant consultants. Can we get ROI on this? Is that just sunk cost fallacy?

Logistics Group:

  • Moving things for Maker Faire could be good practice :wink:
  • Taking inventory would be a good thing to do
  • Finding out who’s willing to help with the moving (who has: hands, trucks, hand trucks, etc.) I’m willing to get a zipcar truck/van if necessary 8n the future.

Communications Group:

  • Rebrand this as a positive thing
  • Signage (, notice on website, social media outreach, business cards, etc.) to let people know what’s happening, how to participate, etc.
  • Start letting people know that Noisebridge is getting refactored (upgraded?) and that it’s going to be better than before
  • Have information ready by Maker Faire? Could be a good opportunity to raise money, get people involved, etc.
  • Vision(s) for what the new space could look like
  • Outreach to the community we will be becoming a part of. Noisebridge is here to empower people to do cool shit

Real Estate Tour:

  • 744 Alabama St. WEDNESDAy APRIL 24TH, meet with AGent at 1:30PM. We will depart Noisebridge at !:15PM. A 4500 sq.ft space that is a current maker space, that may be moving out. They might want $10,000 for it.

Other Stuff

  • 10k is better than the 13k we might be paying if we stayed at NB?

  • Louise: What is the minimum space requirements. There seems to be a lot of empty space, we could possibly consolidate to 4,000sq.ft

  • Track donations: Freddie would like to track the data on donation streams to know where we can maximize revenue.

  • Tom: Think about the rents that have gone up too much. If rents are high, you simply need to have more money coming in. Are we trying to do too much? Should we have a kiln?

  • Tyler: Electricity cost are $400/month. Garbage fees are about $600/month. Server fees are $1,000-$2,000 a month.

  • Alex: A year ago, we had a task force. A group that looked at the budget, a group for listings, and so. on do we still have them.

  • Tyler: Yes we have the fundraising group. 5-6 people that meet consistently. Other groups not sure.

  • Frank: Was there a meeting of the fundraising group tonight? |Tyler: no not tonight, they are on discuss

  • Alex: propose we talk about what are the things that need to be done, and should we break them down. Like logistics of moving, like finding space, like cost cutting. Let’s do that so that people meet on their issues of interest. and make sure they have a representative in the meeting.

  • Freddie: Wantt to contribute, but not sure how to participate also. Needs to know specifics on person to ask on any area of interest

  • MAtt: The only consistent time to discuss things is in a meeting like this. How do we know where/how to get involved.

  • Tyler: A big sign will help with this for example at the door, so that people know about these to answer a lot of questions.

  • PAypal, Cash, Bitcoin and so on are methods to contribute to the space

  • Alex: This place is much better as compared to before the reebot. One of the good things that happened was that there were teams to take care of important stuff. The reebot was an example of teams working well. We should probably do the same, and have a collective pause to bring to attention to the need for concerted action to get things done

  • Tyler: we bring in 8-10K and spend $6500 on rent, and about $3000 on bills. Income varies, some month was 15K some monthsess.

  • Alex: First draft of minimum requirements. These things are subject to change. Some groups might be needed to focus on the critical items. E.g a budgetary group could go deeper into it to get the minimum requirements more finetuned/solid.

  • Tyler will form the Real Estate Group.

  • Alex: Focus areas, also Budgetary Group. There is a channel on Slack/Dsicuss maybe. Logistics group, to buy packagins items an planning moving.

  • Frank: Let’s phototemplate the murals so that they can be recreated at the new space

  • Tom: let’s have a go fundme page.

  • Alex: Let’s have an Indiegogo page

Happy Earthday, 420, Easter.

Meeting is Adjourned!

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