Meeting Notes for 2019-03-27

Facilitator: Tim

Note-Taker: @tdfischer

Stack-Taker: r


  • Tim - he/him, works on a website. Likes genetic engineering. I shitpost IRL. Now you can see what a bad intro is. Had a dope quesadilla earlier. Wanted to share.
  • Jack - Jack/Jack. Does jack.
  • Carl - Carl/Carl. Does tech stuff.
  • r - They/them. Trying to get Orb Slam 2 to work with non-stereo cameras. (Everyone then shouted ORB SLAM 2)
  • Steve - He/Him. Theoretical physicsist, musician, works on self-driving cars mostly these days. Porting stuff to make them run faster.
  • Jeremy - He/Him/They. Interested in Intelligent systems, somehow at noisebridge doing that.
  • Tyler - He/him/they - Web developer. Interested in building websites and playing with electromagnets.
  • Dan - Plays around with sensors, builds robots, body sensors and data.
  • Michael - He/Him/They. I hmm… I dunno. I’m an open source quesadilla enthusiast.
  • Murphy - Mostly do mechanical stuff. i’m just gonna sit here and listen to you ramble.
  • Jarrod - Mostly works on the woodshop. He/They. I’m excited to be at an NB meeting. Its been a while.
  • Victoria - - alternate future cyborg from a past reality; try leaving your reality; don’t do drugs kid,s
  • Chris - Can probably scream them a bastard and they’ll still ansswer. Interested in data science and genetics, other stuff, claims not smart enough to keep up with everything.
  • Ryan - He/Him. Been’ comin’ fer a loooong time. I take care of the VR cart. Apparently really tired because last week was GDC and I got very little sleep. (The group interrogates how much sleep they got). Has announcements.
  • Charles - He/Him. Builds houses. Sews. Interested in learnin’ some computer.
  • Jasmine - I do illustration art and storyboarding. I also play jazz and blues piano. I’m trying to record there. And also do lazors. I use it. I can help people who need help there. In the laser lab. I like learning things. Very interested in physics and science. Just stuff I don’t know. Anything, really. If I have a chance to learn how to build something cool helre, I would do it. I’m trying ot use the sewing area if like someone could help me. nice to meet you all (the group responds appropriately, and offers to teach them to sew and be lasered)


Keep 'em quick or Tim will CUT. YOU. OFF.

  • Ryan sez: Noisebridge has a makerfaire booth! We have no clue how big or what the placement is, but we heard back 3 days ago. We have a booth. I will need a lot of help. I want ideas, I know Noisebridge has some of those, and we need volunteers. Please talk with me. Also I will announce this on Discuss and Slack later. 17th through the 19th in San Mateo.

  • Tyler - This friday, at least 6 people are attending the tour of 1077 Howard. Currently used by SCOOT. We may potentially be renting it! Me, charlie, nick, zack, nicole will be attending. And ???. Maybe others. You can vote attending or not attending on Discuss. The more people we go, the better idea we get.

  • Jarrod asks what time. Tyler says 2pm Friday.

  • Chris - I was thinking of doing a kaggle(?) group. Its a data site you can run machine learning programs on. If you’re intereste din that or in a bioflora experiement to cure lactose intolerance, that would be really cool.

  • Steve adds that most the solutions on Kaggle are wrong.

  • Ryan wars about doing bio labs here. They’ve been gotten rid of many times due to unsustainable evolution. Or bad fridge smells. Be clean, please!

  • Tim talks about consensus for bio lab stuff. If you don’t want to fuck around with NB, go talk to BioCurious or Counter Culture Labs. Theyre are very well equipped compared to NB.

  • Ryan sez: I brought in a ton of donations from a booth I bought at GDC. I’m annoyed I can’t find a couple of the parts I brought in that were going to be used for tables. I’d like to know WHERE THE FUCK THEY WENT??!?

  • Tyler asks what they look like. White folder things. Someone was carying them around earlier?

  • Ryan found parts in the recycling, but still needs the legs and screws that were in the glass bulb. If NB doesn’t want them, I have other places that want them instead. Getting rid of something instantly isn’t cool.

  • Alchemist says it wasn’t immediately apparent they were tables.

  • Tyler says nobody knew where they came from. Ryan contests this and says there was a note, and it took an hour to bring in.

  • Alchemist says they moved it after three days into a corner, which seemed sensible at the time. Ryan says it was cool, but the other stuff should have been left together. Please contact Ryan next time.

  • Charlie says trash went out last night. Ryan says if they heard stuff went in there, they’ll be QUITE UPSET AND ANGRY.

  • Charlie asks whos bikes are on the wall. R says the big one with the grey hand waving is Johnny’s.

  • ??Jasmine?? asks about the scooter being lost. Alchemist reminds that they got it recovered through their renter’s insurance.

  • Tim sez to talk to Johnny. They’re not Online so you’ll have to talk to them in meatspace.


  • Tim asks if there are any new applications. Ryan says no, unless they’re invisible. Tim says we don’t do invisible applications, so lets move on.


  • Tyler talks about a girl who was here yesterday for Fundraising. Something about three different grants that were possible for anyone who holds classes in the city. Sounds like Noisebridge. There was also one for people who build projects or something. All very similar. They all add up to about $80K and want to write a grant proposal.

  • Tim asks what they want from us and why they’re not here.

  • Tyler says they posted to discuss.

  • Victoria sez they’d posted to discuss and our grant team knows about them now.

  • ??? wants to mention something regarding fundraising. They work with the Victoria thetatre on 16th. I think it’d be a great idea for NB to get involved. I’ve been asked to produce a community theatre production and NB could make props and they’d give us 50% of the proceeds.

  • Tim asks how much they make in an average show.

  • ???: $40 to $100 tickets, at 500 seats. Usually sold out. We could usually do about one a month.

  • Tim asks them to post to discuss. Re-up, even. See if there’s takers or critical mass.

  • (Tim explains DISCUSS, gives high praise)

  • Jasmine talks about musicians. If we could do a concert.

  • Victoria shouts something about the gala. Tim adds that we want to exploit your bosses for cash so please bring your boss to NB and they can get a tax deduction.

  • Victoria: Gala is on track for April 27th. Bring your boss to work day. Fundraiser but people won’t be turned away for lack of funds. We’re looking to get money so bring good people for that. I am lining up VIP donations at some levels and am interested in getting some of those.

  • Matt: does streams on Fridays; wants to interview Noisebridgers about cool stuff they’re doing while playing video games. [see Discussion section for details]


  • Ryan wants to DISCUSS opportunities found at GDC. Ryan uses DISCUSS. Its super effective!

  • Following up on ask-to-leave/86ing feelings from last week

  • Charles sez: It was proposed to virtualize all the computers. Yes, all of them. It was a James proposal.

  • Tim describes how tuxcart got fucked over by some shithead reimaging it with an encrypted drive.

  • Tim say that James proposed we do some PXE booting thing so tuxcart can be un-fuck-with-able. Apparently this is also a problem with the music machines in back. Someone wipes them every so often and they need to re-image them from a backup.

  • Charles suggests that people could make their own backup images and put them on the server.

  • Ryan uses COMMENT ON THE VIRTUALIZATION. Its super effective! The VR machine needs to have windows running on it all the time, with less than an hour of downtime. It absolutely needs wiped though. Its got so many low level bugs and (Ryan waves their hands, makes mehhrhrhth noises). There’s a bunch of stuff on there and I don’t know whos it is but I’ve put it in folders to try and clean it up but we’re running out of space. Its difficult. I don’t have time to do this right now because that’d cause downtime.

  • Mark wants to hop in on the discussion. More of an announcement. I do this stream on fridays, where I interview Noisebridgers about their badass projects while we play videogames and talk to THE I N T E R N E T. If you want to join me some friday, you can find me and talk to me around the space. I’ll try and put a signup sheet on the NGALAC so you can sign up in advance for particular fridays if you want to. Just thought I’d put that out there. If you want to do this this friday, I don’t have anyone scheduled yet but talk to me.

  • Ryan talks about GDC. They went this past week ,tested a bunch of games, got a lot of interest from different groups who want to use and see the space, eg unity, vive, some occulus people. SFUSD, a couple game developers, etc. Some folks have heard about NB but haven’t come here yet despite repeated efforts (for years, allegedly). I’m setting up meetings and tours with these groups to get more games donated and tours. Right now because I’m also doing press stuff, I’m getting Steam donations to me. Since my account is on the computer here, they’re available to the space (Thanks to Steam Family Library Sharing™ [paid sponsorship]). There is a lot of people at GDC who know of Noisebridge. If we can start having the gamebridge unityversity class go a bit deeper more often and get more people coming by again, I think that will be a really good class to get people into Noisebridge on a consistent basis. I also want to try and get some hardware donated but that’s a bit harder (a lot, actually).

  • (Someone hands Ryan a VR headset. The group goes FUCKING NUTS)

  • Ryan sez they’re picky about VR because of the failure that occulus released this year at GDC.

  • Jarrod asks if Ryan ever talked to the guy who comes around and talks about occulus for hours.

  • Ryan: Yes.

  • Ryan: I like this headset a lot more than a lot of them. People see the build quality and it makes people really not want to try this technology. I could go on and on about the good points and the bad points (they do not). Now we have a good VR headset other than the Google Cardboards! GDC was fun! People should write articles and get passes. Theres free food and beer on the conference food. Free everything. Merch merch merch. MERCH.

  • Tim: Some bullshit happened last week. We started the NB Press Corpse with the intent of getting into conferences.

  • Ryan: I thought about doing a Hack Your Way Into Conferences Talk.

  • (The group talks about press passes, fake cameras, infiltrating conferences)

  • Tyler has some pictures from Alt-Ctrl-Gaming. They’ll write some articles about them. Apparently you only need three to win.

  • R asks if we should be posting this in public.

  • Ryan says they want as many people to come in as possible. Its fine. If you can figure out how to get into a conference, you probably deserve to be there.

  • Ryan talks up the parties. They paid for one, but got tickets to twenty. Knee deep in the parties, Ryan is. Knee. Deep. Hella parties.

  • (The group discusses free GDC parties and how to find tickets)

  • “It doesn’t sound party enough”

  • Noisebridge had a GDC afterparty. Apparently nobody planned it so people showed up anyways and a party happened.

The Victoria Theatre person is probably Tom Nevin! They’re on slack.


I also like Quesadillas. This is a meaningful contribution


my absolute fav are the garlic mushroom ones (get it ‘super’!) at Pancho Villa

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Hi Ruth, yup it’s me. I’m on slack and now discuss