Meeting Notes, August 8th 2021

== Meeting Summary ==

  • Upstairs Mural by sailorhg - opening party will be Sat Aug 14th (prep noon-2, event 2-4pm)
  • 5MoF Five Minutes of Fame will be August 19th 6-9pm (Talks at 8p) in the garage and on-line.
  • Hack Comedy Aug 21 8pm - 10pm!!!
  • General agreement to take down any surveillance cameras we find and re-do something for some level of “space is empty” security that is protective of privacy. Doing stuff like streaming a view of a 3D printer (without sound) is OK
  • Agreement to pay the 2020 invoice from Safer DIY spaces and next time get a quote in writing to avoid any misunderstanding
  • General discussion around removing personal items or “aspirational hack it someday” items from the space
  • Suggestion that this week, everyone clearly mark electrical outlet locations that we want/need on the walls using tape or post its!
  • Review of our reciprocal ban policy with other bay area hackspaces. No need to take action unless we are informed about a ban based on safety reasons
  • Discussion of some planning for hack comedy !

Link to full meeting notes: