Meeting Notes 7/27/2021

Greetings Noiselings!

Here’s the full notes from last night’s meeting:

Also note, we are currently open Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday afternoons as well as Fri. evenings!!!

TLDR what happened at the meeting:

  • Fundraising Update

More people have set up their membership / recurring donations! Thank you!

  • Announcements:

  • Dave b - This Thursday 6pm! having another attempt at metal pylon dismantling party! at 6pm We need help, please come help!

  • Lizzard - sailorhg’s mural party / art opening Aug 14 3-5pm Must be masked indoors

  • sophia - if you are or were a philanthropist sophia can give you a tour tonight after the meeting of opening and closeing the space and then you can get your key. then you can come in and also help us hold the space open for more hours!

  • X - Victor says, hack comedy Aug 21st is the tentative date

  • Rayyan - Blender 3d animation class! Sunday! Sunday what time??? Afternoon, 1-3pm (In-person Blender 3D Animation Classes @ Noisebridge (Sunday afternoon weekly))

  • Finances:

Cash: 304,807.92

Crypto: 128,414.49

Total: 433,222.41

  • New members: Sophia Wisdom

  • New philanthropists: none but one new application in binder from Dave

  • Consensus Items: None

  • Discussion Items:

  • we need people to step up and hold the space open for more days/times

  • if you would like to run a class, online or in the space, please do! announce it on meetup + the wiki + discuss etc.

  • we need someone to run board elections

  • surveillance cameras, what’s up with that

  • Haight St. Commons coming here to meet maybe