Matrix server at the space

Any interest? I would love to do what I can to help set one up.

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I think we have one! @James ?

Currently we are not hosting our own Matrix server. See details on our externally hosted Matrix here. But, it has never been easier to host your own! is an excellent homeserver written in rust, which is designed for low spec hardware. It supports all basic functionality is geared towards the home user just wanting to join into the larger federation on a single board computer (Pi) or old tower machine.

Freedombox includes a Matrix/Element/Synapse installation for Pi’s and such. I’ve never used it, but I know it is popular.

Matrix/Element/Synapse - most popular way to host Matrix. It is what we are using and can be one-click deployed on Digital Ocean, Vultr, whatever VPS etc.

If we were to host Matrix ourselves it would make sense to do so via #rack alongside Jitsi, just as we currently do with our website and wiki in Ansible.
fyi, Matrix/Synapse actually uses Jitsi for video calling by default and it would make sense to host both together if we want to rely on them from our own infrastructure. The resource usage on Synapse (the server) can increase a lot as federation, integrations, bots, and bridges are added. Dendrite is being written in Go as the replacement for Synapse and could be fun to test.

I’m be more interested in this since hosting it ourselves would makes it easy to customize to our liking, plus add additional integrations in more seamless and controlled manner.

If we host Matrix in the space I think it could cool to host a small instance as local-only, so people within Noisebridge can chat or add custom features we’d prefer not on the public internet. This is how the majority of Matrix servers are used, only a small percentage are actually federated worldwide. Obviously, people can setup whatever they want… :heart: Thanks for reading.

I’m down. I’ve been trying to set up my own using this Ansible playbook without much success, owing to the fact I have no idea what I’m doing. If someone can help mentor I’d like to set it up at the space and then I can get my home server up and running too.