Massive Moooovieng party FRI/SAT/SUN

Robert Nielsen

MMP: Massive Moooooving party happening Fri, Sat, Sun last weekend to see the old space we need to be out by the 15th of this month.

Pancake Mornings
@themanmaran will be panning the cakes, and then one person will be running those cakes to everyone to keep our contact down (gloves,masks ect).

Saturday 10 AM. Pancakes will be mailed between the buildings.

Trucks Arriving for moving Big stuff when possible on SAT or SUN

Large Garbage container Delivered on: day x

venmo & paypal for pizza run (Supreme Pizza)
SAT & SUN at 5pm: LINK (edited)

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What time do you think we will start on Friday?

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I bring single serve dry snacks sunday. I put trash bin canisters on street thursday. Friday people bring garbage bins inside building.

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Believe it or not I’m STILL stuck in SF and can help out with getting [redacted] parts of the building temporarily working … :wink:


@Roboto thanX for the ongoing works, and driveway pizza/moving.

If anyone wants to co-ordinate in the near term, there’s an open vid/call link here

I hear your elbow grease, and add some bacon grease. @fnord and I are sort, clearing more landing space on the Capp St. side. Anyone with some free time now to early afternoon that is available to come to mission and move some things to Capp is welcome to a made to order Bacon/Egg/Cheese/Avocado and things sammy.

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I think around 3:00PM Friday

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