March 24th 2020: "SHUT IT DOWN!" and "OPEN IT UP!"

Some wild first drafts intended to exercise teh big C, coming out of the meeting of March 24th …

March 24, 2020 Ⅹ SHUT IT DOWN! For the upmost safety and convineince of humanity, noisebridge is hereby CLOSED until further notice.

March 24, 2020 Ⅹ OPEN IT UP! Noisebridge is as open as possible, noisebridge is hereby OPEN.

The first item might be improved upon with some massaging of the “community guidelines” doocratically stipulated in a recent post on slack:

Noisebridge community guidelines for access during this lockdown:

  1. Nobody is allowed to be in the space to work on any projects at this time, until the city and state relax the current shelter-in-place rules.
  2. You can come briefly in-and-out to collect any essential stuff you may have left behind. Such temporary visits require coordination with a guardian to unlock the door with their key. Such visits are to be infrequent. If the guardian or you have an issue coordinating, bring the issue to the Slack or Discuss or better, a Tuesday meeting.
  3. Guardians are encouraged to swing by individually a few times a da3y to check on the space as per a mutually agreed upon rotation. Right now the list of guardians is those with keys, i.e. @themanmaran, @pyconaut and @Wheezy . Presumably @TJ will soon join this list as he lives a block away. And a few more volunteers will surely step up.
    If you left something in the space or just need to pop in and out for some other valid reason, reach out to these guardians to coordinate your temporary access. Guardians will likely be keeping a log of unauthorized use of the space, and such unauthorized use is likely to be brought up in future meetings. Flagrant unauthorized use of Noisebridge is technically trespassing, since as a collective we have decided to comply with the shelter-in-place guidelines.
    Any and all suggestions for carrying out truly essential nonprofit activities in the space, eg printing medical masks, building digital thermometers etc, are welcomed for discussion in Tuesday meetings, and may well be approved. But such activities cannot take place in the space without consensus. Until any such activities are approved, no persons are allowed to work on projects in the physical space.

And I’m sure the “OPEN IT UP!” item could use some careful attention as well …

Anyhoo … let’s see how we do with it?

All Hail Consenso! :scream_cat:


I believe this is in the Suggested Topics, but I would like to also propose we as a community address some of the projects outlines here:

Whether or not we shut down noisebridge, I would like to see Noisebridge’s response to doing things like PPE production, bike repairs, and food donations. I’m not sure what essential communication structures are, and I already think we are providing computational resources as well as online education services.

I think the best solution will be the best of both sides – i.e. we may have limited access to the physical space, but we can work to support the community as Kinnard suggests

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