Maker Faire 2019 volunteer sign ups

WHO: Everyone

WHAT: We need volunteers for maker faire. we need people for setup and take down, on Thursday and Sunday, And people to help run different parts of the booth on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

WHERE: Noisebridge and San Mateo County Fair grounds

WHEN: Volunteers needed May 16th through May 19th

WHY: We have a booth at maker Faire Bay Area 2019.


I would like to help. I may not be able to take off work tho, so either Saturday or Sunday might be my only available days to volunteer.

If you get more information on your setup schedue tho, or have a volunteer meeting in advance, please let me know.

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Here is the Volunteer Sign Up Sheet, please fill out, or talk to me in person if you see me at Noisebridge.

volunteer link

Ryan Sternlicht

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I just signed up to help as I got the days off requested with work.
As someone who has helped at Makers Fayre many times, I want to make sure we have a few things:

Setup communication protocol and who has Authority to change or alter things to make event staff happy.
Bring Granola bars
Bring large cooler with variety of drinks, restock everyday… If everyone puts in $X, we can make costco runs.
Bring extra hats, sun screen,
Laminated sheet with everyone’s preferred contact info for during M.F.
Duck Tape (stuff happens)
Rolly carts to bring in and out High Value items on a daily basis.

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Tonight’s 9pm maker faire meeting is postponed tell Friday. If you are in the space anyway, go to the general meeting as there is a lot of other things that you all might be interested in helping out with.

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Tonight’s 9pm Friday maker faire meeting is postponed as I am unavailable at the moment, preparing for the gala tommorow. But for people who are interested in being projects, please write up an information sheet about your project and take a few pictures of it. And if there is a project that you want to help with that noisebridge is showing (was on the project list in the volunteer sign ups) please go.on the noisebridge wiki to learn more about the projects.


I think we plan on doing the Flaschen taschen teardown starting Tuesday night after the meeting and then trying to stage it downstairs as possible so it should be ready to pop right in a truck thursday morning. Please let people know to stop by and help.

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Take down is Tuesday, loading is Wednesday night.

Hey, I thought this thread was locked for some reason (still learning how to use this new site).
I posted here about volunteering for Makerfaire remotely:

I realize I am late to the game as I was pretty busy the last couple of months, but is there any help needed ?

I see that FlaschenTaschen is part of the set-up - as I have some experience there, I might be able to contribute in a valuable way there. I can take off on Friday, but maybe can squeezae in an afternoon today.