Maker Competition Brainstorm

Drawing inspiration from the DNA Lounge drink robot competition:

I am thinking:

  1. What maker competitions has noisebridge ran in the past, how did they go?

  2. Do we want to host one, and in what form?

I think like most events, the goal would be to raise awareness of the space, boost membership, and also hopefully raise some meaningful funds.

Having fun and seeing a bunch of creative projects, also good. :+1:

I could imagine it being an annual or semi-annual event as well. Giving it a certain cache.

P.S.: Sorry not to post this in the events category, I just felt it was more of a brainstorm, and not to many people check the events category.

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Not a competition but I love running the Stupid Shit No One Needs And Terrible Ideas hackathon

Edit we’ve done 5 of them now and I was involved with the last two

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Good thought! I was actually going to mention that hackathon in my original post. It generates a lot of buzz and captures imaginations.

Ideally I would like to have it around something more practical or useful to Noisebridge. Though I suppose practicality inspires no one. :wink:

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