Magic: The Gathering - Cube Building & Draft Night?

Recently I found out that NB has a ton of MTG cards laying around. @themanmaran and I have been talking about playing sometime soon, but we’ll need at least a handful of people for a successful draft I think. I’ve heard a few other people were interested in playing sometime when its been brought up in conversation. There are cards from a ton of different sets, so it might be kinda tricky to make it not completely insane… but also insane could be fun :stuck_out_tongue:

I was considering building a cube, and recently saw someone had been organizing some of the cards. Is anyone else interested in:

  • helping build a cube / sort cards
  • coming to play on a draft night

Additionally, and only tangentially related to playing, I recently built a small MTG card holder prototype box with the laser cutter:

It might be fun to make some and then give them as a prize for winning the draft tournament or something haha :slight_smile: and maybe engrave a NB logo or something on them


We could make the prize boxes out of different materials too!
3rd place = Laser cut wood
2nd place = Laser cut acrylic
1st place = metal (if we get the mill running well!)

Someone was trying to make a draft cube, whatever that is lol. You should talk to techboy!