Machinaria - introduction

Hi! My name is Giovanny Beltran, I’m from Colombia and I’ll be working this week on the space.
My team and I are working on a videogame called Machinaria (pilot version) about how to manipulate public opinion through tv news.
We are showcasing an alternative controller to play this game on Alt.Ctrl exhibitor at GDC(Game Developers Conference) next week. The code of this project is available on github (it needs a lot of documentation)
It would be awesome if you can pass by and take a look.


Welcome! Got pics from the game?


Yeah! This is our alternative control, we have two color version :slight_smile:

Also this is the virtual game: Machinaria by Carenalga, QuietGecko, prinfrexita, Agar3s
And our instagram for more pictures:

In a couple of day we hope you can try our control!