Love the new frontpage, but where's the search?

Last night I set out to do some research on the noisebridge wiki. I went to the beautiful new frontpage, and… I had no idea where the search box went! I ended up going to a random page I knew existed and then punching in my data.

Could we get the search box added back in? And maybe also a link to discuss here using a discourse icon at the bottom of the page while we’re at it.

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Yeah there’s no link to the wiki, which we should fix.

Perhaps we could use Elastic Search to look through the mediawiki, plus all file attachments.

  • CirrusSearch is an elastic search plugin for mediawiki.
  • Elastica is another plugin supporting elastic on mediawiki.

Sounds dreadful.

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Meh, do you have an actual suggestion?

Yeah, we add back the input html tag that used to be there.

Whenever you all figure out what you want, make a PR against the infra repo. That’s the only way it will get looked at.

There’s a bit of “we should do X” where “we” seems to refer to “someone somewhere else”.

Do-ocracy or die.

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How do I pin someone else’s post to the front of the website

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I move that we eliminate the post minimum sizes in the settings