Looking for startup cofounder(s) / team members

I’m doing a startup and looking to find potential cofounders and/or team members. Ideally, I hope to find someone (or two people) willing to live in my apartment (rent-free or close) to maximize communication flow and creativity. The core idea can go multieple directions, so if you’re self motivated to create something great around these values and ideas, easy to get along with, at least capable of learning the necessary skills, and willing to bet your next decade on this startup after meeting with me and seeing how real it is, you’re close to what I’m seeking. If you don’t want to live with me, but interested in being a team member, that’s great too!

Idea Summary: Collective Intelligence / Societal Mind that represents society’s (or any group’s) expressions to itself, as a whole, and as any conceivable group/identity within the whole, in a dynamic memeplex that could be a regular news resource in the future. It’s a resource to look up what any conceivable type of person likely thinks about anything, and to research likely associations between expressions. Expressions are similar to tweets, except that they are also demographics, with a population of endorsers and rejecters. (More details below)

Potential Value: Easily multi-million, possibly multi-billion. There is zero doubt that a market exists for this, and that this concept could easily change the structure of our society for the better. Actually, something of this sort might be the only actual defense against the looming threat of autocracy with the centralization of big data. Democracies spread because they’re better information processing systems than autocracies, but with the centralization of massive data processing, we are currently at risk of returning to autocratic forms of governance. Detailed representation of the people’s explicit expressions will give the people mental unity, such that no single person need fear standing alone because everyone else’s values are explicitly represented on the web for all to see. The memeplex representative of the people’s word will be the boss of any authority figure after this project rises.
There are some risks of negative effects, as the experiment hasn’t been done. But at the very least, this concept has value to groups of people that want to be able to introspect on themselves and have accurate representation of themselves. The system is much like a direct democracy, except in this case, users vote on every conceivable thing and the “votes” are just expressions / words on a billboard for all to see.

(Further Description):
A network where:

  1. Similar to Twitter, people express to the world what they think, but in this case, people input their thoughts AND demographics (gender, race, age, location, etc. All expressions form a single category of thought-demographic that is the basis of the site, such that “I am male” and “I like crunchy peanut butter” are both “Globe Thoughts”), to tell the world what they think, as the world speaking for itself, answering normative questions from itself.
    And 2) people appraise (support or reject, maybe more) the thoughts of other people, to participate in legislating the group mind, as a whole and as their identities within the whole.
    At whole, the system will be representative of everyone who uses the site (the “All”) , and representative of any conceivable type of identity. Every conceivable thought or expression will be a demographic unto itself, with a population of endorsers and rejecters. By uploading their thoughts and appraising other thoughts, people will be doing a few things simultaneously:
  2. creating a memeplex representing their own values and identity, (data that can be mined for psycho-social insight for the users)
  3. participating in creating and legislating the All and various identities they belong to (every identity can be represented by a single thought or set of thoughts).

The site will come to be a sort of collective intelligence that represents the mind of society, as a whole and as any identity within the whole.

The Reason:
My personal, overarching, heartfelt interest of this startup (Preferably, candidates would sympathize with these feelings):
To generate psycho-social knowledge for society, or to engineer a system to raise society’s (or any group’s) knowledge of itself. A common flaw in the human condition is for people to sometimes project things (opinions, beliefs, prejudices) onto people they don’t understand, largely due to insecurities that stem from an as-yet unaviodable aspect of the human condition: that we are all pure consciousness stuck behind/within whatever biological form we’re stuck with. Culture is largely a big masquerade, where the ability to act the part, or perform congruent to other people’s limited expectations is often necessary to succeed in life.

I’m not particularly interested in conspiracies, but I do believe in what I call “natural conspiracies”, which are a set of widespread, less-than-fully-conscious beliefs, often lies, held by the masses that limit the free flow of ideas for our world to reach an understanding that would unite us.

The bottom line is that I love data, knowledge, and understanding. I love truth (whatever it is), and I love the freedom to follow where my chains of reasoning lead without having to fear that I’m offending or hurting someone with the information I’m considering.

I realized when I hit age 30 that there must be some consciousness-limiting force in the evolution of culture that hinders (or perhaps necessarily slows down) the evolution of knowledge and understanding. Little would mean more to me than to break through that consciousness-limiting force by nurturing some system for people to organically generates knowledge about themselves to themselves.

The Value
Inspiration: YouTube channel Productivity Game, video: Master Marketing: Building a Story

What the hero (user) wants:

  1. To understand the people in their various communities
  2. To learn about themselves
  3. To express themselves to their community, speaking for any community they might belong to.
  4. To receive validation for their beliefs
  5. To be a part of something greater than themselves, yet still individual
  6. To connect to people who share unexpeted traits with them / to belong to unexpected communities.

Who or what is opposing the hero from getting what they want?

  1. Communities can be totalitarian (most have been throughout cultural evolution), and being a lone wolf can be dangerously isolating. Globe Thought allows people to be a part of a collective in a subtle manner that doesn’t impinge on their individuality.
  2. The masquerade or natural conspiracies of society, or the fronts people put up, to be polite or cunning, that prevents us from truly knowing each other and growing towards the truth that would unite us. Globe Thoughts allows everyone to participate in a grand conversation with the world (or the world has with itself). People can comfortably introspect on the mind of society at any level to feel in touch with the globe.
  3. The looming threat of autocracy with centralized information processing. The success of democracies stems from the fact that they process information better than autocracies. But democracies are under threat with the advent of massive centralized information processing. We need a social system for people to participate in a collective intelligence, or a way for society to know with veracity what it’s members think. The one weapon against a tyrant is people knowing what everyone else thinks, being on the same page, so that one person need not be afraid of standing alone.

What’s at stake?

  1. You’ll be disconnected, out of the loop, while everyone else is part of a collective that still maintains their individual freedom
  2. Individual Freedom can only be enforced by the collective’s understanding of itself.
  3. This could be the only protection against autocracy.
  4. You’ll miss out on discovering many unique connections and relationships.

About Me:
My name is Jamie Dunbaugh. I’ve studied psychology, philosophy of consciousness, and cultural evolution my whole adult life (about 10 years) and spent the past four years as a freelance web developer. I was in the Navy from 2003-2007 and I graduated from UC San Diego in 2013 in Psychology and Philosophy. I had this idea when I was studying group intelligence and consciousness around the same time, and wondered how it might be possible to create a collective consciousness via a representational ego (memeplex, in this case) that represents the group (the id).

There’s a lot more we can discuss in person. I have dozens of pages written on this, with interested advisors from Google and Academia. We’ve explored multiple avenues of development.

I’d like to have this impact the 2020 presidential election, which means reach popularity in just over one year.

I’m currently working on the database in Postgres, also using Node. I hope to have a functional prototype within the month (June 2019).
I’m not an expert full stack developer though. I’m good with design, Adobe, UX, UI, front end, and psychology.

I’m looking for the right team members and/or cofounders. Preferably someone good with back-end/full stack, or capacity/drive to learn those quickly. Most important is that the group works well together, and shares the vision.

It would also be unlikely to find someone who’s already an expert, so as long as you can learn this stuff quickly, and show it, that could be enough.

I’d prefer potential team members to watch (at least) the 2nd video in www.startupclass.samaltman.com (preferably all of it)

I have room for one person to potentially move in with me and live rent free (or close)… Or perhaps a small team could live here, maximize information flow, and virtually guarantee success on some level.

Candidates, also please read review of The Culture Code book, or read it on audible.
A collectively intelligent group should be necessary to create a collective intelligence.

About me: LinkedIn.com/jdunbaugh
jdunbaugh at gmail
Text: 510-542-0813

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Sounds interesting, are you at noisebridge much, as I would be interested to talk about this subject. Although I am not currently able to help cofound a startup, I enjoy helping people when they are starting out.

While helping a few startups I studied memetics, viral marketing, group thought, and digital addiction tactics and avoideance.

It would be fun to talk.

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Hi Ryan,
Thanks. I’ve been considering going to noisebridge more. I’m thinking about hosting a meetup on the evolution of net culture, only because I can’t find any other meetups on the topic. Two years ago, I hosted SF Transhumanists for a few months at noisebridge, until East Bay and Bay area Futurists offered to have me host their meetups for a while.

I’d be happy to meet and discuss some things. When are you usually at noisebridge?