Looking for mentors with projects

Hey everybody. Just moved from South Carolina to California. I visited noisebridge yesterday and it made me really happy to see all of that stuff there and what everyone was doing. I wanted to ask if there would be some people to help tutor me when they can in the following:

  • Basic IT (interested in getting A+ certification in a few months)
  • Programming Robots
  • MEAN stack development (learning nodejs now through udemy course)
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Java application development (currently working on project now)

I can set up a date and time for anyone who would like to help for us to meet at noisebridge. Or, alternatively, if you just tell me when you are usually at the site, I will make a note to myself to come during that time.

Thanks in advance to anyone that can help me.

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Hey Steven,
Welcome to NoiseBridge. I think you’re best bet (at least on the MEAN stack side) would be to come to the free code camp meetups on Tuesdays (~10am - 4pm). It follows the FreeCodeCamp self study program and a couple of guys are here every week to help out with the curriculum.

Seconding the CCSF suggestion, I did their CS track (CS110a/b/c) and Python, MySQL, etc and it was a great deal even when you had to pay for it.

Thanks for all the advice. I’ll get to it, then.

I will add, you miiiiiight want to reconsider that MEAN stack, especially if you don’t want to get stuck in frontend forever. Also Java is good to know, because it’s a cancerous plague that spreads across enterprise infrastructures almost as quickly as managerial incompetence does, but I wouldn’t advise you use it for personal projects if you can help it. If you really must, use Kotlin.

If you’re getting into embedded systems, you’re gonna need some C++, which is not as scary as it sounds - C++ is simple and elegant, if a bit unforgiving.

Python is the powerhouse when it comes to AI and machine learning, thanks to TensorFlow (which is actually written in C++, but the API is in Python, go figure). Python is very similar to JavaScript, except it’s not terrible. It’s also quickly becoming a crowd favorite in both backend and frontend. Definitely learn it.

Go is also a great language, and the only one I would consider to be more elegant than C++. It’s powerful, fast, cross platform, easy, simple, has concurrency as a first-class feature, features great error handling, and was built in such a way that it’s downright difficult to write a bad program in it. It’s the finest general purpose language I’ve ever seen, and as such is totally unheard of outside of Google. Seriously, the only people that use Go that don’t work at Google are the ones that used to work at Google and left to develop their own startups.

Don’t believe the NodeJS lies. It’s just Oracle’s marketing team throwing money at people to try to get their grubby hands in the backend market. Unfortunately for them, backends actually have to work, so you won’t see it much outside of hobbyist projects.

Also, learn Docker, and if you want to get ahead of the game, protobufs. Seriously, protobufs are the single most underrated thing in programming right now.

Congrats on starting your journey into the field, and good luck!

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Adding on to that definitely take advantage of our python classes every Monday at 7PM and our white boarding and algorithms group every Wednesday at 3PM .

Also, if you live in SF proper I highly recommend getting your California lD and establishing residency so you can enroll for free at CCSF. Lots of Noisebridgers take classes there for free and they have a wide variety of courses available.

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