Looking for mentors with projects

(Steven Henneberry) #1

Hey everybody. Just moved from South Carolina to California. I visited noisebridge yesterday and it made me really happy to see all of that stuff there and what everyone was doing. I wanted to ask if there would be some people to help tutor me when they can in the following:

  • Basic IT (interested in getting A+ certification in a few months)
  • Programming Robots
  • MEAN stack development (learning nodejs now through udemy course)
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Java application development (currently working on project now)

I can set up a date and time for anyone who would like to help for us to meet at noisebridge. Or, alternatively, if you just tell me when you are usually at the site, I will make a note to myself to come during that time.

Thanks in advance to anyone that can help me.

(Tyler Maran) #2

Hey Steven,
Welcome to NoiseBridge. I think you’re best bet (at least on the MEAN stack side) would be to come to the free code camp meetups on Tuesdays (~10am - 4pm). It follows the FreeCodeCamp self study program and a couple of guys are here every week to help out with the curriculum.

(tim) #3

Adding on to that definitely take advantage of our python classes every Monday at 7PM and our white boarding and algorithms group every Wednesday at 3PM .

Also, if you live in SF proper I highly recommend getting your California lD and establishing residency so you can enroll for free at CCSF. Lots of Noisebridgers take classes there for free and they have a wide variety of courses available.


Seconding the CCSF suggestion, I did their CS track (CS110a/b/c) and Python, MySQL, etc and it was a great deal even when you had to pay for it.

(Steven Henneberry) #5

Thanks for all the advice. I’ll get to it, then.