Long shot question about a few pieces of art in the building

In The Before Time there were a few pieces of art hanging around the space. They were printed images which were created from a hexagonal spiral or hexagonal tesselation. I can barely remember what they looked like but I remember really enjoying them. I think one was the Doge meme and another was a personal photograph. I know it’s a long shot, but does anyone happen to remember what I’m talking about or, better still, remember how they were made? A name for the process would be awesome, too.

hmmm … could it be teh https://www.noisebridge.net/wiki/Ordi thang?

It is not, from what I see, but that is still a tremendously cool thing and will keep me busy for a while.

Where were they located in the space?

I remember a doge outside the front door. Also I piled up most of the artwork and carried it over to 272 Capp.

Not sure where it may have ended up. But it was in a neat pile at one point.

One was hanging up just outside the door. One was by the oscilloscopes and assorted electrical stuff. Not the components, but the bench.

If it was drawn, the Doge would have been crafted with our Axidraw. This is a mechnical printer used by the Ordibooth. You literally sticks pens (or whatever) in it and then control how it “draws” from vector images in Inkscape.

This is mesmerizing. Thank you for sharing. I was able to make the actual path by incrementally expanding the number of iterations in a Hilbert curve.

My solution is open source: https://github.com/JosephCatrambone/tessellate_mk1


I just really like the hexagonal pattern of the Doge image and I haven’t been able to get that recursive tessellation to work right for hexagons.

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hello its me ur doge


That’s it! Woww! :smiley: They look different than I remember but you’re 100% spot on. Thank you! Guess I’ll look at Ordi a little more.

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