Locker proposal

So how are we tackling the lockers at Noisebridge? So the old website has something related to a mailing list. However, I personally am not a fan of email lists (I can follow like 20% of what goes on in my subscribed mailing lists), so I would rather have a spreadsheet with lockers and nyms, and people have to edit and confirm their place every N weeks, or it gets reused.
There could be a privacy situation, but we could just do Anon1,2,3 if people don’t want any knowledge of who they are.
Another issue is how to keep contact info private. The best solution would be an encrypted database that automatically sent reminders to stale active locker owners and admin, with a bcc so we wouldn’t know who the person belongs to. This would take some sysadmin grit and planning, which I’m not too experienced in, but I can help such an initiative if I get some volunteers to help.
I haven’t thought of solving if people who are no longer active still have stuff in the locker. Maybe after a month of being “inactive” and a new person requesting to take the locker, it moves to hack shelf?

For contacting people, it’s up to the person with the locker to put an alias up (slack, discuss, email, etc.) so people can reach them.

For locker cleanouts we just put a tag on everyones locker asking them update their name and date.

If no one fills out the form after a month or so, then the stuff moves to the hack shelf and the locker becomes available.

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