Local Support Group for Wikileaks & Assange - Events June 3 & June 12, SF

If journalism can be construed as espionage, then we will no longer have any investigative journalism in this country. Assange has been charged with 17 counts under the Espionage Act, the first time this has ever happened to an editor or journalist. After the use of the Espionage act on whistleblowers during the Obama administration, the prosecution of Assange is the next logical step to building an Official Secrets Act, as they have in the UK.

A good synopsis by Matt Taibi:

Event June 3, Monday 1-3PM at the Swedish Consulate, 500 Sansome St., SF.
See the website (below) or events are also listed on IndyBay:

Event June 12, Wednesday 4-6PM at the Federal Building, 90, 7th St., SF

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Website: BayAssange.org
Twitter: @BayAssange