Light Industrial Use?

I know a lot of equipment has been roped off and labeled for non-use, with concern regarding the sprinklers, etc. and I respect that.
But The SF Planning site has the building zoned for light industrial, not to be confused with heavy industrial.
Meaning the wood shop and the sewing area should be ok to use.
Am I missing something?

Definition of Light Industrial from the SF Zoning/Planning/Symbium Build website:

Light Manufacturing
An Industrial Use that provides for the fabrication or production of goods, by hand or machinery, for distribution to retailers or wholesalers for resale off the premises, primarily involving the assembly, packaging, repairing, or processing of previously prepared materials. Light manufacturing uses include production and custom activities usually involving individual or special design, or handiwork, such as the following fabrication or production activities, as may be defined by the Standard Industrial Classification Code Manual as light manufacturing uses:
  1. Food processing;
  2. Apparel and other garment products;
  3. Furniture and fixtures;
  4. Printing and publishing of books or newspapers;
  5. Leather products;
  6. Pottery;
  7. Glass-blowing;
  8. Commercial laundry, rug cleaning, and dry cleaning facility;
  9. Measuring, analyzing, and controlling instruments; photographic, medical, and optical goods; watches and clocks; or
  10. Manufacture of cannabis products or cannabis extracts that are derived without the use of volatile organic compounds (any use requiring License Type 6—Manufacturer 1, as defined in California Business and Professions Code, Division 10).
    It shall not include Trade Shop, Agricultural and Beverage Processing 1 or 2, or Heavy Manufacturing 1, 2, or 3. This use is subject to the location and operation controls in Section 202.2(d).||


Use Type: Light Manufacturing [(clear)](javascript:void(0):wink:

Location: 2164 MISSION ST (Block/Lot: 3575035) [(clear)](javascript:void(0):wink:

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Fringe Financial Services RUD
Mission Alcohol Restrict
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I would say the issue of closing down the tools was well researched. Though you are welcome to present your findings to the fire department to see if they have a change of heart.

Here are some threads in case you missed them:

So long story short, the building is zoned for it, but it is not up to fire code to support F-1 work. For a three story building to be used for lite manufacturing within F-1 (includes carpentry, metal grinding / welding, electronics, etc) it must be fully sprinklered.

Not just the floor, but the full building.

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Sure, what Tyler said.

…But also, we were doing all that stuff for about 9 years before anyone said anything about it. I’m not sure how it matters if we do it for another month.

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Got it.
Thanks for the extra clarification Paul and Tyler. That’s unfortunate that the building isn’t up to code. Looking forward to helping with the move!