Library (pack books, decide which books we can get rid of, dust the shelves, set up the new library)

help pack our library

I’d like to help with that.

Bring more cardboard boxes for moving as none remains since july 5.

@gwen thanks! I’m going to be there tomorrow and I’ll try to flag down someone with a car to pick up a ton from Lowes

Last time I studied the library, I was impressed at how well curated it was. I vote to keep 97% of it. There were a few too many gigantic calculus text books though considering the low demand.

Where do I sign up for the moving groups?

Thanks, I ran a library curation project around 2017. Everyone participated and we culled about half our collection and donated it.

Library is done MOVED, son.

Only thing left is the book scanner which is pretty easy for a team of 2 ppl to walk between 2169 and 272.

Any interest in coming by on Saturday? There is definitely some availability.