Library organization (woodworking wanted!)

Documenting the current state of the library for anyone who would like to chip in:

  • There are currently a lot of books just stuck wherever they fit; we’re slowly going through them all and putting them into broad categories.
  • We could use some sturdier and more conveniently-shaped (and less splintery) shelves. I’d say maybe 5 or so feet high and about 3 feet wide, with mostly 12-inch shelf heights (any overheight books can probably be put between bookends above the top shelf), but take a look at the collection and maybe ask around to see if anyone else has opinions.
  • The current organizational philosophy is mostly to get topics together and we’ll figure out how and where to shelve them once we know how much we’ve got of each. If you wish to do more organizing you should, hopefully, be able to look at the different sections and piles are (if anything). I don’t think anyone will object very much if you get it a bit wrong, since we’re also figuring it out as we go.

@NineWaves, @culteejen, James (I think? sorry if I’ve gotten your name wrong) and I spent a bunch of time on Friday evening doing organization, and NineWaves and Claus (not sure of handle) also did a bunch of work on it a few weeks ago. Not sure if anyone else has done anything on it but please do pop in and take credit if you have!