Let's Talk. And listen

Hi, Noisebridge.

I love you.

I know you love me.

Noisebridge loves all of us, just as we all love Noisebridge.

That’s why we’re passionately talking past each other about 86ing people, heaters, tyranny, revoking access tokens, or lord knows what.

The sun is out today, after what feels like months of rain and clouds. I went for a walk earlier. It’s real nice and warm and breezy here in downtown Oakland.

I went for a walk because it’s important to remember what we’re fighting for. Everyone’s homework for this week is to go take a walk outside.

I’ll be at the space this Saturday to hack on shit. I’ll be programming a microcontroller for the new podium and installing an XLR socket to add DMX controls to it.

I’ll also be around to talk about the things we’re passionately talking past each other about. Please do seek me out; I want to hear your thoughts. Because that’s how we solve problems at Noisebridge: by hearing each other out, seeking to understand our comrades before we try to make them understand ourselves.

I’ll also be at the space on Tuesday, for more of the same, without any microcontrollers to distract us. I hope to see you all there :purple_heart:


The sunshine is really nice. I sat on a hill and looked over the city


Lack of time outdoors is a real factor.

I’d like to organize a psychedelic hike for Noisebridge.



<3 this whole thread

I’ve been going out and playing disc golf once a week. Its a great, “free” game. Anyone’s welcome to join me and my bro if you wanna learn


I’ll be in the space pretty much all weekend working on Ignite gala stuff. So I expect I’ll have time to take a break to talk about stuff when a discussion happens while doing some wiring tasks that I need to do.