Let's make a short Podcast for Noisebridge

It shall be a simple podcast. Short announcements, project updates, “help wanted” requests, or just keep us up-to-date on recent Noisebridge related happenings. Musical interludes also appreciated.

If you’d like to take part please reach out!
Once we have enough audio to fill a few minutes, it will be edited and released!

Edit me and add your ideas! Or reply in some way. :+1:

We’ll sort out the actual order eventually…

  1. Gate needs new volunteers to help finish building it.
    Could you please help fill-in details @woz

  2. We could use your help in migrating a Jitsi Ansible configuration into our #rack infrastructure.

  3. Wired Wednesday @Roboto details?

  4. Seeking philanthropists who can help with opening/closing the space + give tours to new people

  5. Lasercutter update. Anyone got deets? @gaardn (Hi!)

  6. Octoprint Pi’s need to be set up for the 3D Printers

  7. @Arity do you have a short blurb for Gamebridge…? Would like to include a short announcement to encourage new attendees.

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Hi James! The laser cutter needs a fume extractor (and absolutely not simply running a fan and blowing fumes out the roof) or the Hackitorium will smell hella bad at best and dangerous to humans at worst. It’ll be spendy to do properly, like 10-15k!

Noisebridge must decide: smelly danger laser or spend money we can definitely afford. Worth it y/n?

It’s been a minute but here’s my opening music contribution.

If people like the style I can make more interludes, otherwise if there’s any feedback I’m happy to pitch more ideas (electronic is actually not my “home genre”).


The gate needs to be anchored in to the driveway, right now there is only one stud anchoring the gate into the ground. So new holes need to be drilled in and studs put in and the nuts tightened down. We might also need tabs(feet) to be welded on the new short section. That will finish out the structure on the short side.

On the front, it might need need the holes for the tabs(feet) drilled out to match our studs (1/2 inch). Also there might need to be some welding to help attach it to the existing post, (details in the gate buildout thread), then stud holes need to be drilled out and then studs installed and nuts tightened.

The roller section still needs to be made, we have some metal stock set aside for this, but it needs to be cut into the right sizes, and then welded together… There are some special details related to the gate’s rolling that I’m not fully aware of, something about a track that gets installed and wheels put on the gate…

For the door, @SenoraRaton and @Paul_H have been working on getting a payphone to put up to replace the temporary USB keyboard, and I have been putting some work into getting a PCB going to we can install a second SHED (RFID access control system) on the outside…

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Podcast is a great idea!! good way to practice skills learned in NB audio classes too.

Thanks for the update! I hope we can get this going. The lasercutter is one of the most popular tools at NB
I remember when Techshop closed and people scrambled to use the NB lasercutter to keep their businesses afloat. Its been a huge help to so many.

Does this need a vote? What are next steps to get it operational? I have a backup of the program soft it uses from when I repaired the PC a while back.