Let's improve Noisebridge! - Weekly Action Group

Let’s come together and make Noisebridge more understandable and welcoming to everyone!

Project Ideas so far:

  • new website/landingpage
    (including showing all upcoming events and sub pages explaining the different parts and machines of Noisebridge)
  • new flyers, explaining Noisebridge
    (reminder for people giving a tour, what philanthropists & members are, etc.)
  • reorganizing & cleaning the Wiki
    (combined with a Club Mate drinking game ?)
  • improving the physical space
    (adding labels, LEDs, cleaning, etc.)

Have another idea for how to improve Noisebridge? Suggest your idea at the hackathon and make it happen together with others!

Anyone is welcome to join at any time!

Image by @todayitinnei

To allow everyone at Noisebridge to add & comment notes related to the hackathon - I created this Google Docs (no login required):
Edit & Comment Notes on Google Docs (no login required)


I personally think that Wiki Cleanup could be made into a great drinking game.

Everyone sits around and clicks the random button. Take a drink for every page that needs to be deleted.

Just going through myself I have found a dozen or so spam ads, and no small amount of erotica…

@themanmaran have I not shown you the dead redirects section of the wiki, or the 40 or so pages I have cleared. We would go through a case of alcohol in about 30 minutes.


I’ll add my work to the doc soon.

I suppose if the drinking game involved shots of Club Mate wiki clean up would increase at an exponential rate. ;p

So assuming caffeine becomes toxic to your average adult at ~5 grams. Club Mate has 100mg / bottle. That means it takes 50 bottles to kill you. At 16.9oz each, and assuming 1.5oz shots.

You could take 563 shots of Club Mate before fatality. Lets get hacking!

Currently working on the meetup description for making the hackathon happen.
Name: “Brilliant things Noisebridge needs & awesome ideas hackathon”
Date: Oct 5 10AM to Oct 6 4PM (?)

Could we possibly get some food for people joining the hackathon?

awesome idea, a mate drinking game for people working on the Wiki - this way we could also get enough bottles empty to fill the gap in Flaschentaschen!:smiley:


Oh crap that is the dates of the hacker dojo 10th anniversary. A ton of our community will probably be at that.

I will be giving a talk probably about noisebridge and the state of bay area hackerspaces. If the hackathon happened after that then we could announce it at the anniversary.

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I changed the date to one week later - and added Tinnei’s event image. Any more suggestions? Or should I post the event on meetup?


The image is awesome!


I just got admin access to the wiki and there are a whole lot more pages that need changes now that I can look more at how some things link and why some pages existed in the first place. I think we can straight up delete about 1500 pages before we even get into updating info or reorganizing the page hierarchy.

Also after discussion with a few people we thought that adding new qr codes to devices around the space would be useful, as well as scanning a number of instruction manuals.

Also creating information fliers about things like philanthropy would be good. As well as fully print out a few noisebride manuals.

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sounds great! so I go ahead and post the event on Meetup? Also: who has access to our social media channels? can we post the event there as well?

and speaking of the wiki: we should definitely keep a backup of everything we delete, just to make sure that if someone is missing a post and gets upset, its easy to recover those posts.


I say go ahead and post. And thanks for organizing this.

I’ve got access to most things (I think) so I could follow it up with a post on FB/Twitter

Anyone wants to be added as a co-organizer on Meetup? if so, please let me know your meetup name:)

I’m Tyler Maran in meetup. I’ll do my best to help out organizing. But I’ll be remote for the hackathon.

Hi @pyconaut @marco, this is the weekend before the stupid hackathon! I’d love to get some things fixed up in preparation for the hackathon the week after. I’m happy to help with whatever organizing is needed for the event – let me know what I can do. Personally, I would like to work on the laser cutter to figure out the appropriate settings for all the basic materials, so that people can use it for the hackathon.

@pyconaut – I’d also like to make sure the VR area is is working, especially with the mixed reality set up/green screen and the TV. Do you think you could help me with that, and show me how someone would load a custom game onto it? Happy to help with sewing green screens if necessary.

I can definitely make sure the vr area is up an running with the greenscreen

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Since the event was colliding with Noise Pancake and not everyone who wanted to join has time that weekend - I changed the event to a weekly working group instead - meeting every Saturday. Spread the world and join us!:slight_smile: