Learn how to Discuss like a Pro!

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Who would like to take a class on mastering this Discuss forum?

If there is interest, I will convert this post into a calendar entry, plus add it to our Meetup events. Thanks for your feedback.

  • I don’t really know how to use Discuss and would like to take a class.
  • I understand DIscuss, but want to learn more in an online class!
  • I want to know how to hack on this forum and add new features in an advanced class!
  • No class, but I’m down to help debug Discuss problems related to our server.

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If you want to take a class on Discuss…

  • I’d like to learn over this weekend via video conference. Let me know today or tomorrow.
  • On Tuesday, around the Weekly meeting.
  • Later in the week.
  • Next weekend 18th and 19th

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