"Last" Sunday

Morning/Afternoon/Evening all. I’ll be heading over before noon and thought we could use a thread to co-ordinate the rest of the day. General thought is MOVE ALL THE THINGS, and as many as possible of those things to Capp St.

Please chime in with your general timing on being able to help today, or any other co-ordination specifics.

There are several items that are too big to “shoot” across, and not so heavy that 1 or 2 people could take them down the stairs. Suggest buddy teams to move things like the large screens.

There’s also a dozen or two rolling chairs and could imagine staging a box/item or two at the bottom of the stairs and then bringing down a rolling chair to put it on and walk it around the block to Capp.

I’m also thinking if we can continue to move all of the too large to get down the stairs in to a relatively central and not in the way place, then it may leave us some room to work with the landlord for them to start demolition and space prep, while the elevator remains in limbo.

There is also the dumpster now in front of Capp, probably also a good idea to start making specific trash and recycling piles at Mission, and when we are done with moving small items, could unpack some things to free up boxes, and then load garbage in to the boxes, to slide them from Mission to Capp and out to the dumpster.

Coffee is made.

Griddle is hot.

Pancakes arriving soon!

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Yeah, plan of record is roughly as follows:

  • Half a dozen people gather between 11 and noon. Start when people are ready (read: have stopped eating pancakes). Corey will arrive with truck by noon.

  • Start + 2 hours: load heavy shit in truck. 2 people max on stairs at 2169. Break every half-hour to catch a breath.

  • +2h: Anarchy-mandated break for people who’ve been carrying heavy shit.

  • +3h onwards: lather, rinse, repeat until Corey wants to stop.

Reinforcements will come throughout the day so we don’t burn ppl out.

Coordination and rallying has taken place on Slack so that’s where fine-tuning communication will continue to happen. But I’ll keep an eye here as well.