Last minute re tour of 2401 Mission 3:30

(Tyler Maran) #1

Just got a call from the Agent. Someone wants to rent out a portion of the space as an Escape room and they are coming with a contractor to get a quote on upgrade\repair items. Walking over at 3:15!

(David) #2

Stop theeeeeeeeeem!

(David) #3

Or, join theeeeeeem!

(Tyler Maran) #4

Escape from NoiseBridge - new fund raising proposal!

(Lady Red) #5

I’ll try to jump on this tour too since I missed it before. See ya soon. Tyler I’m sending you my phone number in DM to coordinate


ooh what if noisebridge itself were an escape room

(David) #7

Any News? ¿How did it go?

(Lady Red) #8

The amount of construction we would need to do to get this place even halfway feasible makes it a nonstarter.

(Tyler Maran) #9

Yes the contractor estimated $1mln in repairs (HVAC, Electric, water, elevator) before legally rentable to humans. Recommended the owner to just advertise it as storage.

As a follow up though, we met with a guy who is interested in building escape rooms (has financing secured) who may go half and half on 1077 Howard St. I’ll hear back from an agent on that one in the next couple days.

(David) #10

Being next to Noisebridge could be a win-win - hacker talent could take on gigs and the escape room could contribute toward or share equipment (saving space).